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Sculpture Studios Concept for Children's Television Idea.


The Concept


Boxton-Bagsville an unconventional village inhabited by characters who seem to be made of boxes and bags. Where they came from nobody knows, we got up one morning and they were just there!


An animated series telling stories from Boxton-Bagsville, a small friendly country village in the mysterious county of Carryshire, middle England. Well not exactly in the middle - just up a bit and to the left.


We experience this weird world through the lives of two eccentric 10 year old twins, Jenny and Peter Satchel, who may look alike but are very different in character.


Their ultimate quest is to find the treasure buried by their Uncle the Cap'n, an old treasure chest who buried his 'booty' somewhere but can't remember exactly where. He is either totally delirious about his swashbuckling past or he is actually a real pirate. No-one can decide which!


Meanwhile the abnormality of everyday life in the village is kept interesting by an array of unusual characters whose stories have to be seen to be believed.


The series is aimed to appeal to children between 6 and 60.


The series is currently in development. We are actively looking for co-production partners or investors. For more information, use the contact info above.

New Character Drawings

Revised drawings of the characters taking on a more CG feel, trimming down the unnecessary clothing, showing more of the boxes and bags, which also gives the characters much more definition and personality.

We are always keen to hear your input on our ideas, and if you would like to find out more get in touch. 

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