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Childrens TV Idea



The Concept


Boxton-Bagsville inhabited by characters made of boxes and bags.
A hand-operated puppet, studio based, live action series telling stories from Boxton-Bagsville, a small friendly country village in the imaginary county of Carryshire, middle England. Aimed at children of five to ten years old.The main characters are the twins, Jenny and Peter Satchel, who are approximately eight years old. We follow the stories with them and through their eyes. As the series develops we see Jenny and Peter, together with their friends, often helping to solve the problems of the 'grown-ups', each eccentric in their own way and all of them hapless. The characters are based on Boxes and Bags. The type of box or bag they are reflects their individual quirks, personalities and eccentricities. Each story is 12 minutes long, contains one song and has a layered subtlety to each tale.



The Village


The series is set in beautiful rural Boxton-Bagsville: an idyllic and friendly village, where everyone knows everyone's business. The village is set in the imaginary county of Carryshire, somewhere in middle England, in a non-specific time. The Village green and Market square form the centre of this idyllic village. A number of shops and houses surround this quaint market square. Mrs Yum Yum's cake shop and café holds an important position. With its protruding bays windows and traditional squared rubble walls it is a main meeting place for the locals. Mainly because it sells the most mouth watering cakes. Opposite is Bob Savers' corner shop, which seems to sell just about absolutely everything. Next to the corner shop is the old post office, run by Penny Black. Old Gladys Sholley can usually be found in one of these establishments poking her nose in other people's business and catching up with the gossip.


Also living on the market square are Jenny and Peter Satchel and opposite them is the Doctor's house and surgery. Dr Say-Ah is quite new to the village, having moved out to the country from a busy city down south. He is assisted by nurse Florence.

The school is just over the other side of the village green, where the children's teachers are the very stern; Miss Sharp who takes care of all academic subjects and Henri who takes care of the more artistic and free thinking side of the children's education.

The dominant feature of the market place is the clock tower, whose clock has never been right ever since it was struck by lightning a few years back. It always chimes one extra time, but everyone in the village is used to it now.

Through the arch in the clock tower and up the hill to the left is the church and vicarage where the ever-forgetful Rev O'Massey lives.

Further on up the hill and to the right is the big manor house. Colonel Caddy lives here. The twins love to come here - it's like a museum. The Colonel's ancestors have lived in the village for about, ooh, 400 years or so.

Along the main road eastwards is the local garage, run by Gracey Hands. She is very good at fixing things and does all the repairs around the village.

To the west past the corner shop is where Bernie lives, He's the Fire chief who runs the volunteer fire brigade.

If you carry on down the road for about a mile or so you come to the beautiful beach and sea. Jenny and Peter's uncle Bert (or Cap'n as he prefers to be known) lives here. He is probably one of the most eccentric characters. He lives in an old pirate galleon that had been wrecked on some rocks and washed up onto the beach about two hundred years ago. It's been in his family ever since, being kept habitable using driftwood that has washed up onto the beach over the years.

All in all it's just about the best place anyone can live.

Well that's what Jenny and Peter think anyway.



New Characters Drawings


Revised drawings of the characters taking on a more CG feel, trimming down the unnecessary clothing, showing more of the boxes and bags, which also gives the characters much more definition and personality.
Some more characters    


Jenny and Pete


We are always keen to here your input on our ideas and if you would like to find out more get in touch.







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