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Art Deco Sculptures


An elegant range of classic life size Art Deco figures, produced in glass fibre for interior or exterior use. Available in all types of finish - marble, stone, onyx, bronze, wood etc. in all colours to suit any decor.
All figures double as lamps to enhance the most elegant of interior surroundings. Alternatively floral display can be arranged instead of lighting globes for exterior use, to fit in with your individual arrangements etc.

They are complete with 240volts male/female electric plugs, rubber feet and because they are glass fibre, they are lightweight and therefore easy to manage.


Purchase or Hire options


Short term hire best suited to weddings, exhibitions or displays

Long term hire with the option of changing lady lamps periodically to keep your display area fresh, best suited to foyer areas, meeting rooms and showrooms.

Outright purchase please call or email for latest prices.

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3D Art


These works of art are made from a high density plaster, utilizing unusual and recognizable objects. Using free form arrangements at the mould making stage, they produce a dynamic and visually pleasing composition in a three dimensional format. These 3D images can be made to suit any space and theme. Each piece of artwork is totally unique which makes it even more special. All these 3D art works are for sale, plus new commissions can be undertaken.
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This piece of work was commissioned as part of a garden arrangement. They wanted something which was to go beside the swimming pool and reflect the rest of the garden "ohh!" and it also had to look sexy in some way. We decided on a mermaid as she had a water theme. She was modelled in clay for the detail, a waste mould was then taken and finally cast in bronze resin, giving her a beautiful bronze and verdigris glow, which bounced off the water and on to her.
I also made the shell which she is holding a light feature that glows at night into her face.
I was very proud of her when she was finished, the nice thing about making a non-commercial sculpture is I have time and design control.


Barack Obama

Barack Obama Bronze Sculpture
One of a run of only 100
Made from solid cold cast bronze resin and measures 29cm/11 and a half inches tall by 11.5cm/4 and a half inches approximately
Each cast hand poured by Aden Hynes.

Garden Sculptures

We can create garden sculptures of any size and any description.

made to look like bronze or stone.  Made from fibreglass which are strong, durable but light enough to move around the garden.  Unlike traditional bronze or stone sculptures which take a great deal of effort to reposition, our sculptures are light enough to move easily.

Whereas a garden centre can only offer you a limited range of items (in terms of size, material, colour and form itself) , Sculpture Studios gives you the freedom to be part of the creative process and allows you to fine tune the design to your exact requirements.  Pictured are just a few examples of distinctly unique sculptural ideas for gardens, from abstract to real-life, from iconic to art deco.

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