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Sculpture Studios Services

Find out more about our commercial and commissioned sculpture services.

  • Theatre Set building
  • Polystyrene carving
  • Exhibition Set building
  • Glass fibre production
  • Polystyrene prototyping
  • Lectures for education
  • Body casting
  • Mould making
  • Glassfibre
  • Demonstrations


We provide solutions for your theatrical requirements; we aim to add ease to your production, taking care of the mess and fuss that normally comes with set building, giving you the turn-key answer to your problems.

With over twenty years of experience working with names like BAFTA, The English National Opera and The Royal Ballet, you can feel safe handing over your project to our dedicated team.

Polystyrene Carving

Sculpture Studios have the facilities to carve large-scale work from polystyrene, whether it is a scenic rock face for a film set or a classical, figurative piece of art. This medium is both relatively quick and lightweight to work with. It is ideal for a one off exhibition display or can be prepared for hard coating to be applied, or even moulded from. The polystyrene used is FR grade, suitable for display work. Clay is more suited for the smaller modelling and is good for high definition and certain styles of work. Clay sculpting is particularly good for taking moulds from, in order to produce in hard copy-form.

Glass Fibre Production

Specialising in the design, development and production of Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products, we have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the fibreglass industry. We make moulds and manufacture GRP products to their required specifications from 1 off to 100 or more. We are experienced laminators and can even aid in development of new mouldings for new products.

Glass fibre is used in many different ways. The scale and diversity is endless. Glass fibre can be used as a blanket coat to cover scenic work or be used in a mould where a good quality finish is required on the surface.

GRP/glass reinforced plastic, is relatively light, strong and has a weather durable finish.

Sculpture Studios use it for the theatre, where class rated material is required, in anything from life-size replica airplanes to figurative sculptures etc.  The surface can be treated in many different ways, i.e. textured surfaces, and painted to suit. We also cast in plaster, reconstituted stone, silicon rubber and clear cast resins.


Rapid Prototype

Fast prototypes rapidly adapted to design changes. 

Cut out the lengthy and expensive development of a full size prototype in a hard material, when all you wish to see is a rapid 3D form.

Our very quick way of seeing your product in full scale allows you to modify and change the design in a short space of time cost effectively.

Once the final design has been reached we are able to produce a master pattern production mould and casts made from glass fibre (GRP) to a high standard.

We save you time and money allowing design changes along the way. 

Minimum fuss

Time saving

Cost effective

Design changes

Master pattern

Production moulds

High quality casts in glass fibre

Lectures for Education

A unique opportunity for students to find out about the life of a professional commercial sculptor working in the T.V, Theatre and Film industry.

A lecture can be arranged in your school/place of learning.

An informal visit to Sculpture Studios can also be arranged for a real insight into a working studio.

A visit to my sculpture studio is a rare experience for educational staff and students; they will be involved in a real life professional working environment.  There are limitless things to learn/discover in a commercial sculpture studio; it will give students and educational staff a hands-on impression of art as a career.

All ages are welcome.

Library Boat For Tilbury School - 

3D traveling book trolley

The idea was to create a trolley to encourage children's literature. Concepts taken from children's drawings were incorporated into the end design, which was made from glass fibre on wheels and magnetic painted for the children to add sea creatures, fish and shells to the boat's surface. It was deemed a great success.

Alternatively, I can be hired as a visiting lecturer to give PowerPoint presentations, complete with demonstrations on the nature of the tools and materials I use, and featuring a Q&A session for the students.  Highly informative and engaging for schools, universities and art societies alike.

Body Casting

Mould Making                                                                                                                       

Mould making takes on many different forms, from waste/ one-off moulds to high quality production moulds.

Each type of mould will be made to service a particular need for a particular project.

Having expert knowledge of making exactly the right mould for the work has many benefits.




Making over-elaborate moulds is sometimes very costly and unnecessary. This only costs the client valuable time, and money is wasted. We only build what is required to complete the work, whether it be plaster piece mould making, silicone cold cure rubber moulds for high definition, vinamould rubber, glass fibre or latex etc.

To date we have taken a mould as large as 50' by 30' from a rocky coastline in Scotland, which was in silicon and GRP, to as small as a 25mm silicon rubber mould for a toy soldier. Moulds have also been taken from existing museum aeroplanes, which were then reproduced in GRP. In addition, moulds have been taken of complete human bodies and face life castings, reproducing figurative sculptures etc. Moulds have been made ready to make lost wax casting for the bronze foundry.

Having skills in both sculpture and mould making eliminates either trades' restrictions. We can foresee any major problems that may arise beforehand.

Taking care of the whole project from start to finish eliminates communication breakdown. It allows for one company to be responsible for the complete project. It makes sure everything fits with everything else, nothing goes astray or is forgotten about and all fixings match up with each other. Sculpture Studios also go to fit the work, in situ, all over the world.

Sculpture Studios can take care of artwork on the exhibition stands, set work, sculpture, special paint finishes and the painting of scenic backdrops.

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